Special exhibition of
Jomon pottery (replicas)

Pottery with front-facing handle (childbirth pot depicting a mother giving birth) Ancient remains of Tsugane Goshomae, Yamanashi Prefecture.




A circle tying the ancient to the modern – a journey to the origins of art and subcultures

ARTs of JOMON is an art exhibition displaying the work of bright artists inspired by the Jomon Period. This period formed the roots of Japanese culture and saw the creative arts, flourish alongside nature. This project aims to reconstruct the spirit and designs from the period, and convey them through a contemporary art perspective. Since its initial exhibition in New York in 2013, ARTs of JOMON has held exhibitions and won high praise across Japan and around the world.

Point 1


Featuring original Jomon works 30 or more works by well-known contemporary Japanese artists
Ceramic Artist

Ryujiro Oyabu
“The Resonator”

Jomon Sculptor

Genya Murakami
“The Flower -from the origin-”

Tattoo artist × Photographer

Taku Oshima × Ryoichi Keroppy Maeda

Postdigital Artist

Taketo Kobayashi

Ceramic artist

Riyoo Kim
“Red Eyed Rage & Red Eyed Fury”


Takayuki Takeya
“Jomon Kugutsu”

Point 2


Exhibition of works and original Sci-Fi story by renowned animator Yasufumi Soejima

Somewhere in multidimensional space, our hero Nunuku dreams of rising among the social ranks of Neo-Babylon – a land built upon the elite domination of others.
Only the top elites profit from society in this world, while people of the lower classes are reduced to unwitting cogs in a machine built for their exploitation.
Nunuku escapes this social system and goes on a journey of exploration to learn about the real world.

Notes: CUBE_1 staff will provide gallery tours and explanations on the display artwork.

Point 3


Special Workshops held by guest lecturers from Japan
Notes: Limited spaces are available for the workshops. Reservations will be taken at CUBE_1 | Children under 13 must be attended by an adult.

Taketo Kobayashi

3D Printing Class

Date: 24th, 25th July & 5th, 6th August
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm | 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Entrance Fee:RM80
Student Special (Student Pass or ID required):RM60

One of Japan’s top 3DCG modelling/design specialist will present works and concepts of his production. Participants will also be able to create original 3DCG data under Kobayashi’s guidance. These works will utilize data from the “XSENSE” project undertaken in collaboration with Yoshinori Sakamaki, a.k.a sense.
All data created can be 3D printed at FAB SPACE. (3D printing will incur additional costs.)

Notes: Please bring a laptop (Windows or Mac) to create 3DCG data. Software is provided.

Receive a copy of a 3D work by Taketo Kobayashi upon participating

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Ryujiro Oyabu

Jomon Pottery Class

Date: 22th & 23th July
Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

Entrance Fee:RM200
Student Special (Student Pass or ID required):RM180

Pottery classes conducted by a graduate of Tokyo University of The Arts, undergraduate and graduate schools. An artist with past exhibitions in London, whose work continues to explore the mysterious power of nature. Sign up for a hands-on Jomon Pottery making experience!

Notes: All tool are provided | All works are collectable a few weeks after workshop ends at CUBE_1 (Further details will be informed on the workshop day)


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Making Accessories with Obsidian (Mini Workshop)

Date: Daily Event

Entrance Fee: RM10

Make unique accessories by threading the same kind of obsidian used in knives and arrowheads in the Jomon Period onto string.

Notes: Will be held regularly during the exhibition | Not eligible for Gift vouchers | Activity available while obsidian supplies last

Collaboration with
Malaysian artists

Live Painting Performance
In 2017, Japan and Malaysia celebrated 60 years of diplomatic relations.

Date: 17th/June

Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. Sense + Tadaomi Shibuya

Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. Sense
Using his technique for the improvizational replication of shapes, sense can instantly create surface designs that seem both organic and mechanical.

Tadaomi Shibuya
An artist/illustrator whose worldview reconstructs his subjects using straight lines. He collaborates with businesses across and world and does client work in his unique style.

Date: 24th/June


mulo is a Malaysia based self taught artist, illustrator, designer, photographer from johor. Malaysia. A music addict proclaim rocket scientist. Most known for his manga-styled illustrations with a vivid burst of colors, occasionally adding some local flair to it.

Date: 15th/July

ART:TECH (Malaysia)

ART:TECH is a self taught artist, illustrator, designer, motion graphic designer and drummer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who have been active contributing and supporting his local art scene since 2003. The combination of traditional drawing and digital graphic exhibit the aesthetic work from ART:TECH.

  • DRAGON76

  • Limited Stock

CUBE_1 Exclusive sales of
Limited Edition Original Goods

By DRAGON76 with prints featuring

DRAGON76 is an artist who is extensively involved in corporate advertisements locally and internationally, branded apparel collaborations, and also visuals in relation to music and murals. Full of vitality and passion, DRAGON76’s works are rooted in influences from minority cultures and music.

Event Details

Sat.17th June ~ Sun. 13th August , 2017
OPEN 11:00am – 9:00pm (last admission 8:30pm)
Gallery Talks By The Exhibition Curator & Artists
Sat.17th June 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Talks by the exhibition curator will be conducted in gallery-tour style.Booking is not required, please proceed directly to the CUBE_1 counter
Entrance Fee: RM 15
Student Special: RM 10 (Student pass or ID required)
* Free admission for Children under 13, must be attended by parent or guardian.
* Not applicable on Special Workshops.
* GST included.
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