Exhibition Notes

Exhibition Venue Notes

  • Please check the details, latest information, and notes for this exhibition in this website.
  • Entrance restrictions will apply if the venue is crowded to capacity.
  • Re-entering CUBE_1 is not allowed.
  • Please enter from the entrance and follow the route indicated on signs. Reversing is not permitted.
  • Please remain calm and follow staff instructions in the event of fires, earthquakes, or other emergencies.
  • Please inform the nearest staff member immediately should you feel unwell or experience an injury within the venue.
  • Please inform the nearest staff member immediately if you see any suspicious objects or persons, or find unattended property.
  • There may be media coverage during the exhibition. Please be aware that photographs and videos shot within the venue may be used in the media.

VR Experience Notes

  • The VR experience requires purchase of an “Entrance + VR Experience Ticket”.
  • This ticket allows one person entry to this exhibition.
  • VR experience is only for individuals age 13 and older.
  • Waiting time indicated at the entrance may change due to mechanical trouble or other reasons.
  • The difference in entrance ticket prices cannot be refunded when the VR is not experienced.

Prohibited Matters

  • No unauthorized photo shooting, video filming and audio recording are allowed, except for the designated photo spots.
  • No phone calls are allowed, and please set your cell phone on silent mode.
  • Please refrain from touching the artworks and display cases.
  • No smoking/Food/Drink is allowed (including all types of confectionery).Please refrain from any behavior that may disturb other visitors, such as shouting or running.
  • Please do not possess any flammables, dangerous goods, long items like umbrellas, swords and firearms, tools, or other items deemed to be dangerous by a member of the staff.
  • Anyone not following the venue rules or staff instructions may be denied entry or made to leave.

Notes on the Sale of Goods

  • There is special sales booth around the exhibition venue.
  • Unauthorized photo shooting is prohibited at the special sales booth, except at the designated photo spots.
  • Products may be discontinued.
  • All prices include GST.
  • Product supplies are limited. Please be aware that products may sell out.
  • Reservations and delivery upon availability are not provided for any products.
  • A queue may be required for some product purchases. We’d appreciate for your understanding in advance.
  • Post-purchase returnings and exchanges are not provided except for defective products. This also applies to lost or damaged products.
  • The product itself, product purchase number, and receipt are required to exchange a defective product.

About Reproduction Prints

  • Reproduction prints are made-to-order production.
  • Reproduction prints will be handed over one month after the end of the exhibition. Please come to CUBE_1 again to receive your item.
  • Post-purchase cancellations will not be accepted.

Notes on Tickets

  • The price includes GST.
  • Ticket cannot be refunded or reissued.
  • The ticket allows one person entry to this exhibition.
  • It is not possible to experience the VR paying the difference from the entrance ticket price.
  • Please be aware that tearing off the stub before entry will invalidate the ticket.
  • Re-entering CUBE_1 is not allowed.
  • Last admission is 30 minutes before the venue closes.
  • Free admission for Children under 4 (up to 2 Children under 4 per parent or guardian).

Guest Bonus (Entry Present) Notes

  • One “Hello, ONE PIECE Original Sticker” (not for sale) will be awarded per one ticket at the venue (please be aware that children under 4 without tickets will not be given this special gift).


  • There are some exhibits that depict smoking or exposed skin in swimwear and others.
  • Information regarding this exhibition may change without notice.
  • The exhibition may be cancelled suddenly due to disaster or unforeseen accident. Furthermore, some parts of the exhibition may change without notice when required by circumstances. We’d appreciate for your understanding in advance.
  • The organizers hold no responsibility for accidents that occur due to non-compliance with staff instructions.
  • The organizers hold no responsibility for robbery, luggage lifting, or loss of property.
    Please take care of your luggages and valuables.